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Interview with Jerry Benstock, Chairman Emeritus

SGC100 – Celebrating a Century

For 100 years, we have provided the world’s most recognized companies with the tools to unleash the power in their brands. We help those brands put their best foot forward with a range of products and services that are carefully tailored to solve business challenges. Our customers trust us with their most valuable asset: their brand. We honor that trust with a commitment to quality, value, professionalism, and extraordinary experiences for customers and employees alike.

Our Purpose

We build brands by providing their customers and employees with exceptional experiences. These experiences create deep brand engagement and lasting connections. We do this through a strategic and synergistic combination of companies, providing a diverse offering of products and services, all designed and delivered with a passion for innovation, service, and value. We measure our success by the success of our customers – when our customers are successful, we are successful, generating opportunity and prosperity for our employees and shareholders across the globe.

Our Mission

To our customers: We provide exceptional products and services that create tremendous value. We are relentless in our pursuit of improvement, never slowing in our search for better ways to serve you.

To our shareholders: We honor your investment with an unyielding commitment to always act in the best long-term interest of Superior Group of Companies.

To our associates: We offer growth and the opportunity to excel for those passionate about creating a better future for themselves. We will treat you fairly and with integrity, empowering you to deliver on our commitment to our customers and shareholders.

Our Vision

Seek opportunity. Continuously evaluate market opportunities to allow us the opportunity to expand into high-growth, high-profit market segments. Take calculated risks for the right rewards.

Innovate boldly. Lead through innovation, boldly pursue new ideas. Create a corporate culture that fosters innovation and free thought. Continue to be a leader in product innovation and continue to take calculated risks in the introduction of new products and services.

Earn the loyalty of our customers. Make it easy to work with us by developing a deep understanding of our customers, being exceptional at what we do, and exceeding their expectations. Develop a relationship based on trust, collaboration, and mutual respect.

Be the leader in corporate ethics and social responsibility. Embrace corporate social responsibility to promote philanthropic causes and contribute to environmental sustainability. Empower our employees to drive these efforts and make an impact in the community at large.

Our Values

Integrity above all else.

What it means: Integrity means acting according to strong moral principles. Integrity is a choice we each have to make – a choice to consistently hold ourselves to doing what is right instead of what is easy. SGC is committed to building a community of individuals who are committed to doing the right thing. When each of us acts with integrity, we all win.

Be ambitious; persevere; be tenacious.

What it means: There are three types of people: people who want things to happen, people who watch things happen, and people who make things happen. Be the person who makes things happen.

We act with a long-term vision. To help us get there, everyone needs to be willing to set lofty goals and have the perseverance to achieve them. Be tenacious in the face of obstacles. Say what you think, make tough decisions, and take smart risks.

Be honest and transparent.

What it means: Effective communication is the foundation of teamwork. You owe it to your team to speak openly, honestly, and directly.

Build open and honest relationships. Trust begins with honesty. Build respect on humility. Become a leader by using effective communication built on honesty.

Curiosity drives change. Embrace change.

What it means: Curiosity is the engine of innovation. Innovation is the lifeblood of our business. Never be satisfied with the status quo. You must continuously ask why, how, when, and where. Challenge established conventions and constantly seek improvement through innovation.

Our ability to adapt is inherent to SGC’s culture. The drive to evolve and innovate is fundamental to who we are. We embrace change and help drive innovation.

Everyone is accountable.

What it means: Only you can take personal responsibility. Be exceedingly accountable. Own your mistakes. Do so quickly, openly, and honestly.

Never point fingers or shift the blame. When you make a mistake, take immediate responsibility and work to find a solution.

Solve problems quickly.

What it means: A great company is made up of problem solvers. Understand the importance of problem solving. Enthusiastically leap from solving one problem to the next. Do this well, and SGC employees and partners accomplish great things together.

Effective problem solving requires sound judgment and a positive attitude. Think strategically to develop solutions that address root causes instead of treating symptoms. A positive attitude will allow you to stretch your vision of the possible.

It’s rewarding working at a place that gives back in so many ways. Superior Uniform is part of the Adopt-A-Shore program and has been hosting on-site blood drives since 1987! Participating in these activities really makes me feel like part of a great team.

I’ve been a part of the Superior family for six years… and appreciate all of the extras offered. Like an on-site Yoga class, a walking program and monthly wellness and nutrition seminars. It feels good knowing I’m important to the company as a person.

The average employee tenure at Superior Group of Companies is 15 years and I’ve personally been part of the Superior Group of Companies family for 14 years. I am delighted to work for a company that provides such great job stability for their employees.

I’m proud to be part of such a wildly diverse team of talent. No matter how different our backgrounds and skill sets might be, each of us is appreciated for our contribution to our common goals. To me, that is truly the meaning of teamwork.

Superior is a publicly traded company who does business nationally… but here I’m not just a number. The opportunity for career enrichment is unlimited and my ideas are taken seriously.

Fashion Seal Healthcare provides cutting edge uniform programs and image apparel for our customers. It makes me proud to be part of a company that continually strives for apparel innovation, and is recognized for it within the textile industry.

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