What is SGC today

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SGC Capabilities


Simply put, in each of our businesses we help other businesses elevate their brands. Make no mistake, each of our businesses has its own identity but the supportive nature of our businesses allows each business to tap into the dynamic resources of the other segments to enhance its mission.

Let’s take for example our largest and oldest business segment, Superior Uniform Group, Inc. (SUG). Superior Uniform Group has three distinct divisions, High Performance Identity (HPI), Fashion Seal Healthcare (FSH) and Creative In Design Resources (CID). SUG is one of the largest, most nimble, most awarded and most admired companies in the uniform business. We create workday apparel that make employees feel confident, professional and comfortable. There is a direct correlation between these attributes and customer satisfaction. Smartly dressed employees exude confidence as they go about their day as the face of their employer. A well designed uniform program with all of the components of design, durability, easy care, inventory management, ease of ordering, prompt delivery and total transparency to the supply chain, critically aligns us to our customers’ mission. Our people, our scale, our in house design capabilities, our testing laboratories, our SGC shared IT technologies both ERP and Web and our SGC shared distribution are all well aligned with our differentiating customer centric focus.

How are we different?

We have made huge investments in elevating customer service to levels never seen before in our industry. Our customer service not only provides the best in class customer experience to our uniform customers, but we are actually so admired for our capabilities that we sell our services to dozens of other companies. Other companies even seek out our call center/ BPO segment, The Office Gurus, to manage their customer experience. When given the opportunity to do side by side tests with their own customer service centers, we win every time on every important customer service metric. How well do we service our uniform customers? We do it so well and it is so ingrained as part of our culture of “Customer 1st, every time” that we have won national awards competing against some of the best and largest world class customer service organizations.

How else do we differentiate ourselves?

I think most would agree that the mission of their customers is to win fans by creating brand alignment, equity, allegiance and enhancement. Elevated Employee and customer engagement are the expected outcomes that directly drive higher levels of success. Uniform customers avail themselves of our customized promotional product and branded merchandise offerings through our BAMKO Divisions in order to gift their employees and customers with unique memories of their experience to create lasting engagement. Not only are the products that we produce used as giveaways, but many of our products have created such a level of desire for ownership, that consumers seek them out. As a result we find ourselves often in the position of creating products for our customers that they can sell, not only to produce even higher levels of loyalty but also creating a new revenue stream that can be self-funding and profitable.

What does all of this mean to our customers?

We are rated at the top for designing and developing apparel that is well tested and suitable for the workplace. We have redundant worldwide manufacturing, testing and sourcing capabilities operating in 16 counties in over 45 socially responsible facilities. Our IT and reporting capabilities are never hindered by third parties, as we do all of our programming for our ERP and our customer Web interfaces in-house. Our customer care, client services and program management capabilities are second to none. We utilize modern semi-robotic distribution to ensure your uniforms are delivered how and when you want them. We have total redundancy in manufacturing, customer care, distribution and IT to ensure no interruption to supplying your needs. We are able to do all of this because we are part of Superior Group of Companies, the most award winning client focused company in the uniform business, for nearly 100 years.