Trending: Healthcare with a Hotel/Spa Touch

Trending: Healthcare with a Hotel/Spa Touch

Checking into a hospital for acute care or a surgery center or visiting a healthcare provider can feel more like checking into a hotel or visiting a day spa.  Started in the early 2000’s, the trend has continued to expand as hospitals and other healthcare providers search for ways to attract patients in a competitive environment and to enhance patience comfort.  No longer is a visit to the doctor, lab, clinic, surgery center or hospital a sterile, uncomfortable experience.

Today, healthcare facilities feature admissions desks that mimic the experience of visiting a high-end hotel.  Hospitals tout patient rooms that feel more like bedrooms, with soft colors, hardwood-like floors, wooden storage cabinets for equipment, high tech televisions with DVD, CD and MP3 players, large windows, sofas and more.  Office waiting rooms have also been “upgraded”, providing comfortable chairs, modern soft décor and even calming elements such as bamboo plants and water features – all designed to put the patient and family members more at ease.

Some facilities are even promoting their outdoor spaces, as found on the Tampa General Hospital website, “A paved patio with trees and plants is accessible from the Women’s Center and provides additional space for families, visitors and patients”.  This attention to detail has now been extended beyond décor and decoration to employee and patient wear.

Many facilities now desire garments that are designed to be not only more stylish, but also durable, commercial laundry-friendly and provide comfort for the wearer.  This includes comfort not just in terms of touch but also in modesty.  Simple, cost effective things such as offering customers a long waffle-knit robe instead of a thin coarse gown or worse, a scratchy non-environmentally friendly disposable paper “garment”, can evoke the feeling of a luxury hotel.  In addition, patients who may be sensitive to cold temperatures need a garment that offers more warmth than is offered by a thin fabric or paper option.   Facilities are also recognizing that a patient who is not anxious or apprehensive is more likely to return for follow-up services, based on having an initial positive experience.

Ensuring examination gowns and jackets provide proper coverage is an important part of this equation.  For example, examination jackets should be of adequate length, providing patient modesty, for males and females alike.  Even the color of the gown or jacket can assist with ensuring a positive patient experience.  Instead of a sterile white drape, facilities are looking for on-trend colors in patient wear including unisex jewel tones, modern prints and more.

–Scott Delin, National Healthcare Marketing Executive, Superior Uniform Group

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