Keepin’ It Green With Online Catalogs

Keepin’ It Green With Online Catalogs

One of the wonderful ways Superior contributes toward a greener community is through the use of our online catalogs. Conveniently located on the homepage of our website, this feature allows users to access all of our currently active catalogs without harming a single tree! In fact, Superior’s Catalog Viewer has a whole arsenal of tools that help reduce the type of deforestation and pollution caused by excessive paper waste.

Once a catalog is selected for viewing, take note of the icons at the bottom of the pages along the gray bar. Not only can our electronic catalogs be viewed at any time but they can be emailed to clients and customers in the form of a link using the “Share This Publication” feature. Just click the Envelope icon, fill out the info, hit Send and away it goes! You can also use this fun feature to share catalogs on your favorite social network.

Prefer to work offline? You can save catalogs directly onto your electronic desktop for the ultimate in convenience. Clicking the PDF button allows you to download and store entire catalogs or just select pages. That way you can have the resources you need right at your fingertips even when you’re far away from an internet connection.

Ever want to show a prospective customer or a co-worker a specific style they might be interested in? Well, it’s easy enough by clicking the Crop icon (Hint: Hover above each icon to see what it does.) Doing so prompts a miniaturized version of the catalog’s current page to pop up. Simply click and drag your cursor around the image or text that you’d like to copy. Once your selection is made, you have the option of either saving the image locally (great if you’re creating a mock-up) or sending the image as an email for reference or demonstration purposes. It’s fun and easy, but most importantly it reduces our carbon footprint by keeping a sizable portion of our communications in the cyber world.

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