“Gray and red are the new black.”

“Gray and red are the new black.”

What to Wear, Catering Magazine, June 2012
Outfits are getting cooler—in more ways than one. And women have more fashionable choices than ever when it comes to foodservice and chef uniforms.

“For years women have been expected to wear men’s clothing, which we nicely call ‘unisex,’” says Lisa Stewart, vice president-design and merchandising. Those days are over, says Stewart, noting that Superior offers a number of chef jacket styles created expressly for women.

There’s another big trend taking place in foodservice uniforms, and as the old saying goes, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen—or at least get out of your old stifling uniform. Cooling features in the clothing are in high demand for those in the back of the house.

In Superior Uniform Group’s new chef catalog, Chef’s Edge®, “we’re doing a lot of garments with mesh inserts or side panels in the coat or pant,” says Stewart. In the company’s Coolin’ Edge® line, cargo pants and men’s and ladies’ chef coats are made with a special mesh fabric that wicks away moisture to keep the wearer cool. The breathable mesh is featured in such places as the back of the coat and behind the knees in the pant.

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