Get the Advantage: Reusable vs. Disposable Textiles

Get the Advantage: Reusable vs. Disposable Textiles

Medical textiles are one of the most rapidly growing sectors in the textile market. This includes such product categories as precaution gowns, patient gowns, laboratory coats and scrubs. The rising need for medical textiles reflects an aging population, longer life spans, more Americans gaining access to healthcare and more advanced healthcare procedures. Healthcare facilities need cost effective textile supplies to reduce operating costs, which are increasing due to the influx of patients, an unpredictable economy and reduced Medicare assistance. A comparison of reusable vs. disposable products reveals the overall advantages of reusable textiles, including cost savings, waste reduction and infection control.

Cost Savings

A major misconception driving healthcare facilities to use disposable textiles is the assumption that they are more economical than reusable textiles. At first glance, it appears that disposable textiles are more cost effective.  However, to determine the true cost, you must look beyond the initial purchase price. When
using disposable textiles, you also must consider:

Waste disposal

Occupational health

Environmental impact


Though reusable textiles do have additional costs for cleaning and delivery, the chemicals and water used for daily maintenance is much less than disposal costs.

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