Eyelevel Interactive And Superior Uniform Group Bring Interactive Digital Mobile Marketing Direct To Consumers At Point Of Purchase

Eyelevel Interactive And Superior Uniform Group Bring Interactive Digital Mobile Marketing Direct To Consumers At Point Of Purchase

Greensboro, Ga., February 15, 2011–EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE™, LLC (EI™), innovators of patented interactive media garment technology, and Superior Uniform Group, Inc., (NASDAQ: SGC) one of America’s largest and widely respected uniform manufacturers and providers, announced today a strategic alliance that will make interactive uniform apparel available in thousands of businesses across the United States, including some of the nation’s largest retail, drug, grocery and restaurant chains.

This licensing deal marks the introduction of EI™’s iPOPS™ (Interactive Point of Purchase System™) into the marketplace with the revolutionary concept of interchangeable panels that include advertising and promotions directly applied to the front and/or the back of the employee uniform. iPOPS™creates a paradigm shift that converts uniform expenses into revenue generating profit centers and in the process creates a new metric by which advertising is measured.

“As both the advertising and image apparel industries evolve with the introduction of new technologies and changing consumer demands, Superior Uniform Group is perfectly positioned, through our 90 year old uniform company’s vast resources and our national relationships, to bring EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE’S vision for iPOPS™ to reality and directly to consumers,” says Superior Uniform Group CEO Michael Benstock. “This timely execution of new media and technology has unlimited potential for our customers to target their specific audiences by being at the forefront of the most cutting edge marketing and advertising tool in the retail space.”

The iPOPS™ on the uniforms will contain EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE™’s EI Tag™technology which provides opportunities for marketers to reach consumers at the most crucial touch-point in the purchasing process–in the store and at the point of purchase. An EI Tag™ is EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE’S ™proprietary branded MAC (mobile action code). EI Tag™ is a geometric, multi-colored, two-dimensional, specific matrix barcode, which holds data that becomes accessible when scanned by a wireless mobile device, such as an iPhone or Android.
The EI Tag™ captures data and provides trackable in-store promotions. It is capable of delivering immediate Use It Or Lose It™ coupons to consumers that may be instantly redeemed at checkout locations via the consumer’s wireless mobile device. EI™’s iPOPS™ includes website analytics that allows Superior Uniform Group customers to monitor detailed statistics such as reach, and time spent viewing. EI and Superior Uniform Group envision this as an additional way for retailers and businesses to create consumer loyalty programs and employee incentive programs.

In traditional media terminology, the impact and reach of various advertising campaigns have been measured in Gross Impressions. “EI™’s new media solution provides a dramatically more accurate way of measuring market reach – by basing its value on the number of ‘transactions’ and ‘walk throughs,’ diverting from the traditional impression model. EI Tags™ are found where digital age media and new mobile technology intersect. We call it Mediology™,” states Blair Enfield, EYELEVEL INTERACTVE™ co-founder and President.
The award winning patented EI™ panel can be built into any uniform or work apparel, transforming the employee’s work attire into walking interactive media. Product promotions or advertising are placed on sublimated point of purchase panels called Switch-Its™, on either side of the employee’s garment.  The panels come in a number of shapes and sizes and may be customized depending on the type of apparel or placement on the garment. Switch-It™ panels are customized with a marketing campaign and arrive ready to be applied to the garment. Switch-It™ panels are easy to apply and remove; allowing businesses to run multiple campaigns simultaneously for any duration of time.

EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE™ (EI™) is the industry leader, creating a paradigm shift for both the uniform industry and the advertising and marketing industries by creating an intersection between the two. The EI™ brand stands for innovation, interactivity, integrity and sustainability. We are dedicated to providing consistent quality in our products and services as well as comprehensive training and ongoing support for all of our licensees. Please visit www.eyelevel.co for details about our line of products and services and information about the revenue generating media solutions we have developed.

Superior Uniform Group, Inc., established in 1920, is one of America’s foremost providers of fine uniforms and image apparel. Superior manages award-winning apparel programs for major corporations. They are leaders in innovative uniform program designs, global manufacturing, and state-of-the-art distribution. Superior’s financial strength and resources support a customer’s diverse needs while embracing a “Customer 1st, Every Time!” philosophy and culture. Their commitment to service, technology, quality and value-added benefits separates them from the competition in each of their six primary markets: Healthcare, Hospitality, Food Service, Retail Employee I.D., Private Security, and Rental Service. For more information please call (800) 727-8643, or visit their Website at: www.superioruniformgroup.com.

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